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Manages video and audio calls and contact lists
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Control communication between multiple users. It adds them to the list of contacts and provides voice and video call options. Select input and output devices like microphones and webcams in the parameters settings. The software processes HD video signals.

Linphone is a software solution alternative for mobile phone networks, who deals with SIP phone for voice and video calls, instant messaging and it's available on multiple desktop environments, including Windows Desktop.

The program has a nice-looking interface, and it's comprised of a main menu tab on the right-side, a search function on the top-center, a left-side menu for contacts and the main screen display. As a con, I'd say it should've had more theme options to choose from.

When it comes to what it can do, Linphone functionalities do stand out. First of all, I must mention that it's compatible with UDP, TCP, TLS, and, of course, with SIP protocols. In order to connect to the Internet, either directly or through the firewall, and preserve the security of transferred files, it can use IPv4 or IPv6.

The basic functions include Call transfer, Audio conferencing, Multiple calls, Audio and HD video calls. It also allows sharing pictures and other files and even has an account creation assistant for inexperienced PC users.

More advanced features are an innovative RTP jitter buffer algorithm, which improves control of audio latency, a low bandwidth mode for audio calls over 2G networks, and an adaptive bit rate control algorithm for optimizing audio and video quality.

To summarize, Linphone is an alternative to mobile phone networks, one that has useful utilities, but which could've had a more attractive interface, more theme options to choose from, and a function to help users prioritize codecs.

John Saunders
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  • Supports UDP, TCP, TLS and SIP protocols
  • Allows sharing pictures and other files between users
  • Comes with a RTP jitter buffer algorithm, which improves control of audio latency


  • Misses a Prioritize codecs function
  • Lacks theme variation
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